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\\\"\\\"Taski by Diversey redefines the floor care machine industru with innovation breakthroughs in performance, ergonomics, and reduced lifetima costs that consistently deliver operational efficiency gains. Engineered for your success, TASKI machines clean effectively while reducing water, chemical, and energy consumption. Incredibly durable, TASKI machines have undergone some of the industry is most rigorous testing under the harshest of conditions. TASKI by Diversey simply dilivers a better clean that is better for the environment and your bottom line.




Your business demands tangible results. TASKI by Diversey delivers.

No one knows your floor care needs like Diversey. For more than a century our products and application expertise have driven the industry forward. Leading organizations worldwide trust Diversey for the cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene solutions their businesses demand and that"s helping create a cleaner, healthier future for us all.


  • Effective cleaning and sanitation the first time - minimizes repeat cleaning and saves time, energy and resources.
  • Superior performance is based on superior engineering-validated through 2,000 hours of rigorous bdurability testing.
  • Patented squeegee leaves adrier, cleaner floor surface, ensuring longer-lasting results.
  • Spotless floor aren it just safer; they also project the right image for your organitation.


  • Easy to operate and maneuver; ergonomic design improves employee productivity.
  • Precise dosing and delivery systems for optimal water and chemical usage, reducing consumption by up to 50 percent.
  • Designed to work at low noise level - ideal for daylight cleaning, making your operation more flexible.
  • Ergonomic design reduces user fitigue and musculoskeletal disorders, including "white-finger syndrome".
  • Battery management technology increases battery life and prevents deep discharge, which extends battery life.
  • Components that require frequent maintenance are color coded in yellow and can be easily removed, maximizing simplicity for the operator.




Your business demands a total solution. TASKI by Diversey delivers.

Everything we do revolves around your success. We are leading the way with a fully integrated floor care solution that seamlessly melds world - class machines, trusted cleaning chemicals, machine service, and support. The TASKI by Diversey integrated approach maximizes your effectiveness while simplifling your operation - a winning combination that delivers a superior customer experience.


  • A century of floor care expertise and leadership.
  • A half century of global floor care machine engineering.
  • Proven cleaning chemicals that are optimized to meet your floor care demands and perform best in our machines.
  • easy access to skilled and knowledgeable application experts.


  • No one delivers cleaner floor.
  • And cleaner floor mean a more satisfied customer. Period.


Diversey is a company of many firts, with innovation that stand the test of time.

with more than 100 years of experince behind us, we have perfected the fine art of cleaning through design, ergonomics and user-friendly features, that minimize the burden on the operator.


  • Our application control system is the only system in the world that delivers the correct amount of cleaning and onto the floor, dispensed according to the speed of the machine, helping to eliminate waste.
  • Our properietary dosing system is a feature that works the machine, caculating optimal chemical dosing to reduce chemicalcomsumption.
  • Our integrated battery managemant and monitoring system is a battery charger within the machine that prevents deep discharging and extends battery life.
  • Direct suction line and pastented W-shaped squeegee dry floor qucckly, reducing slip and fall accidents.
  • Micro - rotating brushes provide improved cleaning results.
  • Our high-efficiency water management system reduces the number of time-consuming tank filing stops
  • Accessible, easy-to-clean components mean easier maintenance.


TASKI Auto Scrubbers

From small, compact walk-behind to large ride-on machines, TASKI auto scrubbers provide an unparalleled level of performance across a range of applicatons.


Stand-on 30-inch (75-cm) auto scrubber with sensor

steering combines excellent maneuverability with speed

for faster cleaning and increased productivity.

TASKI Swingo 1255 E/B

Walk-behind 22-inch (55 cm) auto scrubber-ideally sized

for performance-features offset bruses for superior

cleaning along walls and under nracks.

TASKI Swingo 450 B

Compact battery 17-inch (43 cm) auto scrubber

combines performance with simple, ergonomic

handling in a highly versatile machine.

TASKI Swingo 2500 and 3500

Large ride-on 28-inch (70 cm) and 33-inch (85 cm)

auto scrubbers feature easy handling ever in narrow

and congested areas, and an innovative squeegee system that quckly dries floors.

TASKI Swingo 755 E/B

Walk behind 17-inch (43 cm) auto scrubbers offer maximum

agility in confined areas with a dual axel system that allows

the machine to literally turn on the spot.

TASKI Swingo 150 E

Ultra- compact 13-inch (33 cm) upright auto scrubber features

a lightweight, compact design perfect for easy, quick cleanup and in confined areas.

TASKI Carpet Care

Combined with Diversey processes and chemicals, our versatile carpet care machines remove dust, provide spot cleaning, and revitalize carpet with interim or deep-down cleaning-quickly and easily.

TASKI swift 35

Intermediate carpet cleaning 14-inch (35 cm) machine uses

dry foam to deliver excellent cleaning results.

Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System

Low0speed 17-inch (43 cm) single-disc mavhine with foam

generator and special brust; the first low moisture system to

deliver both excellent interim and near extraction quality cleaning.

TASKI Aquamat 20

Compact all-purpose spray extraction machine which gives,

all-round flexibility. Ideal for the deep cleaning of small to mid-sized congested areas.

TASKI Aquamat 30

Medium size spray extraction machine.

Designed for excellent deep cleaning results,

high productivity and ease of operation

TASKI Vacuums

Wet or dry, tub or upright, our vacuums address all your cleaning needs

TASKI Vento 8 and 15

Corded electric canister vacuum cleaners are designed for maximum

maneuverability and stability while enhancing air quality via an industry-leandung filtration system.

TASKI Jet 38 and 50

Professional upright 15-inch (38-cm) and 20-inch (50-cm) vacuum cleaners are

engineered with dual motor systems, providing high suction power and efficient cleaning.

TASKI Vakumat 22 and 22T

Standard corded electric wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers ultimate flexibility when used

with an easy-to-attach dry vacuuming kit, making the machine truly multifuctional.

TASKI Vacumat 44T

Large corded electric wet/dry vacuum cleaners feature afixomat

squeegee for efficient water pickup and streak-free drying results.

TASKI Vacumat 12

Compact corded electric wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers ultimate flexibility

when used with an easy-to-attac dry vacuuming kit, making the machine truly multifunctional.

TASKI Dorsalino

Highly efficient backpack vacuum cleaner, ideal for cleaning

of cogested areassuch as stairs, theaters, buses, stockrooms, etc

TASKI Single Discs

Our innovative single- disc machines feature the best in ergonomics, cost-efficiency, productivity, and high-cleaning performance.

TASKI Ergodisc 1200

High-speed 20-inch (150-cm) disc machine burnishes

hard floors quickly and efficiently, resulting in an even, high-glood finish.

TASKI Ergodisc 165 and 200

Low-speed 17-inch (43-cm) single-disc machines offer quiet,

comfortable cleaning and are adaptable to a veriety cleaning tasks.

TASKI Ergodisc Duo

Multi speed single disc machine-two powerful machines in one,

providing access to two different speeds (165/330 rpm) for multiple applications.

Machines, cleaning chemicals, and support -it all revolves around making your job easier.

As the industry is only fully integrated solution provider, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors.

We simplify your operation and help you put your cleaning in high gear-and ahead of your competition.

Whatever your need, we have the industry is most cost-efficient and sustainable solution.

Durable and reliable. Expect no less the best.

To help ensure we fully understand your needs, the TASKI bay Diversey experience begins with a conversation. We\\\'ll go one-on-one with you To :

  • Gain a full understanding of your needs
  • Identify areas where we can deliver operational improvement
  • Design a customized solution to improve your bottom line
  • Discuss machine service, ownerdhip, rental and/or financing options

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